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Burkhard Drescher

Personal details

Burkhard Ulrich Drescher
Born in 1951
Married, 4 children





Career history


since Oktober 2011 Business manager at InnovationCity Management GmbH

2009 Expiration of the contract with 'GAGFAH' (restraint on competition until 09-07-31)


2004 Member of the board, 'RAG Immobilien AG'
(Among other things CEO of the 'Montangrundstücksgesellschaft mbH'.)

1997 Mayor of Oberhausen

1991 Chief City Director (Oberstadtdirektor) in Oberhausen

1990 City Director (Stadtdirektor) in Oberhausen

1987 Chamberlain in Grevenbroich

1980 Teaching post for secondary school (Sekundarstufe I)

1978 Traineeship

1974 Study

1971 Chemical engineer, 'Bayer AG Dormagen'

1967 Chemical laboratory worker, 'Bayer AG Dormagen'


Burkhard Drescher » since Oktober 2011

Managing director of ‘Innovation City Management GmbH (ICM)’ based in Bottrop.
Development and Realisation of the master plan for a climate-friendly urban development for the model city Bottrop; Concept of modernisation for 20 more districts in the Ruhr Area; Setting up ICM as an international player for climate-friendly district restructuring.

2009 – 2012 BDC Consulting GmbH & Co. KG

Optimisation of housing associations; Project development for areas, industries, shopping, habitation; financing: heritable building right

2006 – 2009

CEO der GAGFAH Group 2004
CEO of ‘GAGFAH Group’: restructuring measures for the ‘GAGFAH Group’ with a cost reduction of 20% as a result; Integration of the ‘WOBA’ with 43.000 affordable housings; Realisation of ‘IPO’

2004 – 2006

Board member of ‘RAG real estate AG’; chairman of the managing board of ‘Montangrundstücksgesellschaft mbH’; Development of the ‘Corporate Real Estate Management (CREM)’ for the ‘RAG’ corporate group; Merging of four subsidiary companies; rehabilitation concept ‘Siedlung Beckheide’

1990 - 2004

Town clerk, chief municipal director and mayor of Oberhausen; Project development ‘Neue Mitte Oberhausen’ with over 23 Million visitors per year; conversion of the gasometer Oberhausen to the most successful exhibition hall (about 7 Million visitors since 1993); Renovation of a former coking plant as the national horticultural show 1999; reintroduction of the tram after over 30 years on former industrial railway routes; conception of technology- and industrial parks; restructuring of the city administration Oberhausen (‘city hall without departments’)


City treasurer in Grevenbroich

Further Positions


Member of the supervisory board of 'Vonovia SE'

2006 – 2009

Member of the board of directors of 'GAGFAH - SA Luxemburg'

2000 - 2004

Member of the supervisory board of 'RWE AG'
Spokesperson for the municipal stokholders

1999 – 2004

Chairman of the administrative council at the 'Stadtsparkasse Oberhausen'

1999 – 2004

Chairman of the board at the 'Stadtwerke Oberhausen AG'